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  With the project "Rock'ado" (Rock for Teens), the idea was to enable young musicians from the region to share their music and show their talents. That's how we decided to put the la Vache qui lit place at every band's disposal. Because obviously, not only rockers are invited, the door is wide open to jazz people, hip-hop singers, or guitarists on their own... 


  For instance, several super motivated local youngsters decided to create an event that would enable all rock bands from the bocage to use their instruments and stand out on a stage. They called on us and we helped them carry out what gave, in 2006, "l'Etang du Rock", a local fest that gathered 10 bands and went off on 2 days. 


   On the picture, some of them while hardly working in the la Vache qui lit place.


   To have a better preview of this event, feel free to check out the pictures on the blog...





And now... make way for the music!!!