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The history of the 1901 law in PDF. (french)

Document of 2007 in PDF about volunteering in France. (french)

Evolution of the french universe of associations in PDF. (french)


... is a project, an ambition, a passion, life, hardships, daring decisions, great evenings and intense moments of exchange, a desire to help, social interaction, sharing, a different look on life, a philanthropical approach of one's link to each other, originality, creativity, activities,... 

La Vache qui lit, it's all this at the same time; but above all, it's an idea that little by little formed in the mind of a few altruistic people and that started to materialize at the very beginning of the 21st century. It is now an essantial and key association in it's area.

In the section "history", you will find the story of everything that happened to us since our foundation in 2000 until now. 

Click on the "organisation" sections to know who the council members are. In an objectif of transparency, the accountancy is also present.


The category "
place" enables you to find exactly where we are located thanks to a very accurate map. A few pictures show you the place where most of our activities take place.