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   From September 2000 to February 2002, poor yet fantastic facilities near a secondhand store in St Sever, numerous human encounters and juggling with many ideas made an ambitious yet theoretical social project come to life. A totally imperial thinking process based on no prior market study, but just the conviction that rural life, culture, friendliness and a positive outlook on others were the essential ingredients to disrupt many a preconceived idea!   


    Came the time when our lease contract ended, it was indeed time to move to a better stable. Buying our own property could have been a solution but it would have only been possible with financial and political back-up from the local council which of course was inconceivable given the little time we had been running.

    November 2002 : "seizing opportunities" or for some "we have no choice". Through Raymond's handywork, we came accross a large, available 150sq.m hangar right in the heart of St Sever. With a corrugated iron roof, a trough for a watering place, a weak power supply, full of clutter there was a lot of elbow greasing called for but a true collective will to get our hands dirty made it possible.


    January 2003 : we signed a convention proposed to us by the CAF (Family Welfare Authority) as part of the Prestation Social Animation Locale  plan (social aid to locally organised gatherings) which entitled us to a renewable aid worth 40% of our operating budget over 3 years. At the same time we signed a lease for 6 years for the property, itself also renewable.


    2003 saw the associative project recentered around the new facilities, we started to organise social gatherings and we rebuilt a roof (over 3 months hard labour for a score of us). Through the estbalishment of part-time position we were able to progressively organise and run the association. We also developed tutor positions and created numerous partnerships with other non-lucrative organisations to fully contribute to local life.



The origins - Year 2004 - 2005/2007