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    The increasing number of activities required regular management and manning the administration and accounts of the association was becoming impossible to handle for the volunteers. The launch of the Emploi-Tremplin employment scheme by the regional authorities was a solution in order to employ someone that will be in charge of coordinating actions. This measure entitled the association to receive financial aid, that decreases over 4 years to pay salaries and general expenditures. Chantal Réginaud was therefor taken on for a period of 3 months from March to April 2005 on a contract, while waiting for the Emploi-Tremplin file to be accepted in August. On the 1st of August 2005, Chantal Réginaud signed on for a permanent position.

    The new arrival changed how the association functioned quite considerably. More attention was paid to monitoring the administrative affairs as well as keeping the accounts without any effect on volunteers sticking to their usual responsibilities. Gradually the new employee and the associations actions complemented eachother harmoniously.

    The entailing relations with the governing body were not the only effects of the professionalization process. Having permanent open hours with someone on stand that locals and partner institutions can identify has increased recognition of our association.

    Activities are on the rise as much as St Sever and the county locals' participation has. With frequent visits to our facilities, the local residents have taken over the place that is becoming an unavoidable center of activity in the village. This fervent increase in activity also encouraged economic exchanges with tradesmen by whom the association was used to being supplied.

    Year on year, efforts were made, either through collective actions, either through patronage so as to standardize the facilities to welcome the public. The works performed in 2007 as part of the terminal phase which should end in 2008 will mark the acceptibility of security regulations necessary for our operation.

    Setting-up a computer area largely contributed to limiting the digital lag observed in rural regions wherin it permits free access to Internet for passers-by and for people that do not have access at home (children or elderly). This project would not have been possible without the pledge of 5 computers by EDF (electricity provider), nor without the set-up of a network by a few computer fans. Even if today the gear is obsolete, it seems to respond to a great demand. To add to this are the beginner courses provided by the employee to people that are novices and have little access to these new technologies, that are welcomed with simple answers to their needs.

    Finally, employing personnel enabled us to develop ties within partnerships with the other structures in St Sever. Cultural manifestations in collaboration with the library blossomed and activities for children co-organized with the Bocage Animation association are being consolidated. Long-established partnerships such as the ones with the Comite des Fetes, the K'Fe Rencontre, the ASSCI were sustained for the organization of large-scale manifestations.



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